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I recently bought Clip Studio Paint so I was playing around in the program and ended up sketching this quick skeleton. I’m really liking it so far, especially the vector layer. I guess its pretty much the same program as Manga Studio fyi, just named differently because it’s a different vendor? I’m not 100% sure but I DO know it’s a great program!


May the Shirt Be With You

A few weeks ago I submitted these two tshirt designs for a Star Wars tshirt contest with the theme “Darkside”. For whatever reason the 8-bit design was rejected (maybe it was a little TOO similar to Megaman 2?), but the Jengo/Boba design ended up winning the Staff Pick award. I really had a lot of fun making both of them. I like the idea of Jengo and Boba as a father/son type image and the Slave ships as kites was perfect! ┬áThe 8-bit one took forever so it’s too bad it didn’t even get into the running (plus it would make a really awesome shirt!).

BOBAbanner_submission BHbanner_submission

Mommy, Where Do Zombies Come From? released on IOS and Android!



Mommy, where do zombies come from? is officially live! This is a fun mock book that helps you teach your little ones about zombies and where they come from without any of those awkward conversaions. This zbook is chalk full of Nate’s highly stylized art, and a beautiful mix of horror and comedy. If you’re a zombie fan, you’re going to love Mommy, where do zombies come from?

Download it here: